Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Wrist Watchers

Bracelets are my favorite pieces to make. I like to load them up with lots of beads and motion, though I tend to keep them rather monochromatic (a tendency in all my jewelry, actually). For a standard bracelet, I often start with freshwater pearls and add in stones for interest, occasionally with some glass, as in the second bracelet shown here. Unfortunately, they are also the least likely pieces to sell. Shoppers tend to gravitate first to earrings (my least favorite creations) and then to necklaces, often saying they don't wear bracelets much (they hinder office work). That just makes it all the better when someone telling me she doesn't wear bracelets nonetheless can't stop herself from buying one of mine. It makes my day. So, some recent pieces.

Freshwater pearls with chalcedony and amethyst.

Freshwater pearl with amethyst and glass.

Freshwater pearl with pink amethyst.
 I was nearly done the bracelet when I realized I might have a cab
that would make a nice pendant for a matching pendant. That's Ohio Flint.
Now that I've gotten some of my bracelet yayas out, guess I'll have to work on some necklaces and earrings for a local First Friday show next week.


  1. Gorgeous work Grace, they must take quite a while to put together.
    And by the by, yes I still have all 8!