Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mostly Photos

I've only been blogging for a week and I already know my posts have way too many words. I'm just blabby. Thought today I'd just show some images of jewelry I've made in the past year that are mostly beaded rather than fabricated. I think most if not all of these have been sold.

This pendant is actually very small, only a little over an inch across,
with tiny faceted peridot peaking out here and there.
It was precious and sold quickly.

Close-up and then as-worn photos of a freshwater pearl necklace I sold on Etsy to a total stranger.
(Worth mentioning because most of my Etsy sales have been to friends and customers I had already.)

A faceted chalcedony necklace that just glows on dark skin.

Closeup and as-worn photos of a freshwater pearl and chalcedony necklace.
Almost a lariat but not quite. My regular customers love this style.
Pendant of tiny freshwater pearls on oxidized chain.

Conclusions to be drawn: (1) I gravitate toward a muted palate. (2) I tend to limit the kind and color of beads I'm working with. (3) I prefer oxidized silver to bright silver. (But now that I have a tumbler, I've discovered the beauty and utility of shiny oxidized silver, rather than just matte.) (4) I like freshwater pearls. And chalcedony. (5) I managed to get a lot of words into what is supposed to be a mostly photos post. So much for that bright idea.

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