Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Bead Soup Blog Party Pardner and More Crazy Lace Lemonade

After much travail for poor Lori Anderson, the blogger, beader, and all-round wonder woman who organizes the Bead Soup Blog Party (collecting, recording, collating, linking, and matching up more than 200 participants, one at a time), I found out yesterday who will be my date to the Party. It's Jenni of Jenni's Beads, and she makes lampwork glass beads, another gift to me from my BF Lori A! Look at these:

Gorgeous! (Hop over to her blog and you'll notice that Jenni and I are using the same Blogger template, just in different colors. This must mean that we're perfect for each other, as Lori no doubt intuited.) This is the first time either Jenni or I have been in the blog Party, so it's new and exciting for both of us. One thing I wasn't quite clear about, so maybe someone who's done this before can answer -- do we keep the piece we make or send it back to our partner?

I spent a stupid amount of time yesterday trying to salvage the frame I melted for the laguna agate piece I told you about here. It just was in such good shape except for the melted spot, which is like saying the car runs great except for four flat tires. Although I know it's against metalsmithing and stone-setting rules to do anything like this, I found a marquise-shaped peach-toned crazy lace agate that fit nicely into one corner of the frame and thought I might be able to manipulate the frame around it in some way. I sawed off the melted corner and started bending and fiddling and drilling and "sewing," and hours later (it was ridiculous how many times I took it apart), I had this:

I filed the gap between the stone and the bezel top with top-drilled peach freshwater pearls, which I also used for the first couple inches of the chain. I wrapped silver wire through holes I drilled at the bottom of the setting to close the hole in the frame then dangled a larger buttery pearl from the "threads." The last picture shows the contortions the metal is going through to hold the shape I forced on it. It's definitely a funky piece, organic and  even jaunty, but it looks pretty on and wears really well (I tried it out last evening on a pub visit). This is a piece to experience in person, not via photos, so I'll put it out at my next show rather than in my Etsy shop, and the price will be very reasonable. I'm just glad I was able to do something with that frame, and I'm also glad to find a use for that particular piece of crazy lace agate, which has gorgeous colors but its shape was a bit formal for me. No way you can even tell it's a marquise now. I'll call this necklace Back From the Brink.

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  1. That's a creative result Grace, good not to waste the silver too! The pearls also compliment the agate so well too. Jenni