Friday, March 4, 2011


Although I started this blog for my own nefarious purposes (sorting through the crap of 2010 and trying to salvage some going-forward-type stuff from it), now that the Bead Soup Blog Party has brought some unwitting bead lovers to the door, I feel like I need to share some things that aren't related purely to my nefarious purposes. So, for your consideration, a few sites you might want to know about.

First up, a site I'm going to try to avoid but that seems like it will be BigBigBig: Pinterest. (It may already be huge and I'm just late to the party; it's happened before.) Think Etsy treasury taken far, far beyond Etsy. Adding a couple of buttons to your toolbar allows you to identify images from virtually anywhere in the weberness and "pin" them to a board at Pinterest so the whole wide web can see what you find [p]interesting. In short, you curate, a verb that makes folks giddy with choices and self-importance. Whereas Etsy treasuries have, what, 12 or 16 spots (I've never made one, too impatient to wait for them to come available or construct the thing if I did nab one), the boards at Pinterest seem virtually unlimited. The images link back to the original site, so they're portals to places you might never have found otherwise. I spent a little time yesterday following out some of the compelling images of stairs (of all things) from this board (I could peek in windows all day and be perfectly happy), and realized pretty quickly how this site could become the biggest timesuck in internet history, since the possibilities are literally limitless. Thus, I'm largely going to try to steer clear, but I hope you enjoy it. (Leave a comment and your user name if you ask to be invited and sign up, and I'll bend that ironclad rule I just declared and go see what you made.)

Pilfered from here via Pinterest.

Second, I found out about Pinterest by following the writer of the blog Fresh Vintage on Facebook. I'm a sucker for stuff that used to belong to someone else, and this woman writes a very amusing blog about buying and reselling exactly the kind of thing I'm most suckery for (ie, "anything green and beat to crap," to quote H). I stumbled into her blog a year or two ago and was tickled by her taste, her no-nonsense manner, and her slightly bawdy sense of humor. (She swears and finds more sex-related antiques than you might expect.) When I read through her earlier posts, I came to learn that she had lived in the little town right next to where I currently live for a few years, until she picked up and moved to the town right next to the town that I grew up in. Now there's a coincidence. So I sent her an email and said hey and she said hey back and now we're best buds. Not at all, but I've made the 45-minute drive a couple of times to the space she rents in an antique mall to check out here wares, which are always nicely displayed in a tidy but not-too-precious way and very fairly priced. She doesn't deal much in jewelry, but that's a-okay with me. Jewelry I got.

From this post at Fresh Vintage.

Finally, I want to share that I won a blog giveaway more than a week ago, and I'm so new to this "online presence" thing that I forgot to shout about it here. (Add in surgery and the Bead Soup Party and forget it.) How rude of me! The two polymer clay pendants I won are from Jeannie of Jewelry by Jeannie and Jeannie's Blog. She wrote about the pendants here, which are much cooler in your hand than in the photo -- they're deep and rounded and sit in the palm of your hand -- and then I left a comment and won them. Thanks, Jeannie! I happen to be taking Jeannie's Drawing Lab (see button in right column), which is simultaneously fun and somewhat grueling. Looks like we're going to be having a blog hop in a few weeks, so if you come back, you might see a portrait of T done with my nondominant hand or my forgery of the Mormon prophets' signatures. (See what I mean about fun and grueling?)

Polymer clay pendants from Jeannie's Blog.

(If you're wondering if all my posts will be long and reading intensive, the answer is a likely yes, yes, they will be. I'm not into photography, and I have some stuff to say here, so it'll probably always be more words than pictures. At least I'm not forcing you to listen to the Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons though, right?)

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  1. Hi, I'm one of those new Bead Soup followers. I didn't know about Pinterest until just now, and I am terrified of it. Timesuck indeed!

    I look forward to checking out Fresh Vintage now :D